Art has always been a part of my life but I didn't truly start my art career until 2009. Being self taught and different I thought I wasn't good enough, who would hang my art on their wall? Once I found the confidence that different was good I stepped into a world beyond what I imagined. I have officially sold my work to all 50 states, many all over Canada and 21 countries! It took a couple years of experimenting with different medias to find out which I loved to work with most. Then I realized there isn't really just one. There's a lot of supplies, materials that make art beautiful why not use them all making a collage. In most of my paintings I use acrylic and ink on watercolor paper. I then tear or precisely cut paper and adhere it to the watercolor paper using acrylic over top of the cut outs. Everything is put together like a puzzle. The last thing I do is paint my animals on watercolor paper, cut them out and adhere to the painting. Then I outline my paintings in ink as a finishing touch which gives life to the details in my paintings. 
I think the best part of being an artist  that didn't think she was good enough is becoming an artist who can help make a difference in the world with my talent. In the last 6 years I have donated my prints to rescues all over the world helping them raise over $56,000 in just my donated work alone. These online auctions and fundraisers help rescues raise money for medical expenses and supplies needed for animals waiting to find their forever homes. Nothing means more than knowing I made a difference.
I hope you enjoyed viewing my website. Have a great day and give those fur babies a kiss from me!

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